30 Day Challenge(s) in May!


Oh yes, I’ve tried to overachieve again. My goal is to complete ONE 30 day challenge… so I decided to have a go at three.

The odds of failing all of them are catastrophic, I know.

I decided I wanted my 30 day challenge to focus on improving my habits, so picked three specific areas: food, physical health and mental health.

Food: 30 Days of Breakfast
Yup, I am pledging to eat breakfast – ideally a DIFFERENT BREAKFAST – each and every day in May. Which technically is 31 days, but that doesn’t have a great ring to it. That may seem ridiculously simple to some (or most) people, but to me it’s going to be BLOODY HARD. I was never a fan of breakfast – as a child I refused to eat it, much to my Mother’s chagrin – and then as a chubby teenager I figured the fewer meals I ate, the fewer calories (which is terrible, I know, but true) – and now I just… don’t eat it. But I don’t think that’s a particularly healthy way to live, so I’ve set myself the challenge of MAKING TIME TO PREPARE AND EAT SOMETHING in the morning. This week I’ve planned crumpets, a smoothie, yogurt bowls and maybe even some porridge (eek!)!

Physical Health: Reason For My Mile Challenge
I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. Or rather, a tolerate-hate relationship. It’s just SO EASY to find an excuse note to exercise – the weather’s bad, I didn’t sleep well, I did overtime, it’s the weekend, blah blah blah – that I generally… don’t do any at all. I’m definitely an all or nothing person: at the start of most months I plan a workout schedule that covers every. single. day., and by day three I’ve thrown it all away. Having said that, this year I really want to challenge myself to start running again, as I did as a teenager. So Taralynn’s #reasonformymile challenge should give me a starting point! It’s essentially a mile a day run challenge where you focus on something that you struggle with (anxiety, self-doubt, stress, loneliness etc) for the duration of that mile. And if I can go further, that will be wonderful. If not, I’ll still have run a mile and destressed. It’s a win-win!

Mental Health: 30 Day Self-Care Challenge
To be honest, I know I’m going to struggle with the exercise challenge so I wanted to accompany it with something gentle and inspiring, like this 30 day self-care challenge. This challenge is more formal than the others, with daily prompts including watch a Ted talk and drink more water. It’s self-care, but focuses on actually CARING for your body rather than just ‘have a bath’ (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with a bath!).


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